When you get off the bus, go right toward Carera street (see the photo).

Go down Carera street until you come to the end of it (at the end you will see two pillars raising from the ground which prevent car traffic). 
After those pillars, go a little bit further and on the left side you will see SPLITSKA BANK and the Museum (see the photo).

Go toward SPLITSKA BANK and after passing it, go right. 

You are now on Garibaldi road. Follow the road for about 30 meters and you will come in front of a building
with a writing RIBARNICA & PESCHERIA (see the photo).

Turn left and go up the cobbled street for about 30 meters (see the photo).

You are now on the intersection of a few streets (see the photo).

On the left side is a Cafe Batel and on the right side you have 3 streets. Go up the first one on left if you are looking from Batel. 
At the corner, at your right side should be a clothing store (see the photo).

Go up this street and after 10 meters and turn right into a narrow street. You will come to a little square and the first door on the left side is the ELIM AGENCY.

If you can't find our agency or got lost, please call us on the phone numbers given to you.