General Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Services are an integral part of the agreement between Elim Agency (Elim Obrt za usluge i Turizam i Turistička agencija Elim) as the authorised agent and the customer who accepts the offers and selected tourist services. All that is stated is a legal obligation for the customer and the Elim agency.

The General terms and conditions are published on the website of the Elim agency.
Elim agency is obliged to take all measures in ensuring accurate information is provided to customers. Elim agency has collected all information, data and images related to accommodation units, from the most reliable services. While all information is verified, the Elim agency is not liable for errors, omissions or delays in this or any other part of its website.


2. Service Description

The accommodation units are described according to the official local tourist organization at the time of issuance of work permits.
The standard of accommodation, food & services may differ according to venue and countries, similar services offered by the other agents, companies or corporations are not always equal or comparable to Elim agency. For more information please check our website, brochure and other printed materials.
If the customer has not requested a room/apartment with special qualities, he/she will accept any officially registered room/apartment, as described in the brochure. Elim agency will attempt to meet additional requests if possible.


3. Terms of Agreement

After confirmation, we understand that you are familiar and agree with the general conditions and the terms and conditions of the reservation, and that they will be fully observed.


4. Offer

Customers can send a request via an enquiry form, e-mail, fax or phone call, you will then receive a response via email or fax for better representation of the accommodation. Offers will be sent according to requested requirements or alternative accommodation in case we are unable to fulfill all of the customer’s wishes.
The Elim Agency guarantees the authenticity of the photosand data relating to the characteristics of accommodation units, and the credibility of prices and conditions under which they are offered.
If it is not possible to use the apartment on arrival, due to special circumstances, the Elim agency will assign an alternative accommodation without reducing prices if the alternative accommodation is in the same category.


5. Booking

By accepting the offer and paying the advance payment for the accommodation, the customer accepts our terms. Upon payment by the Agency’s offer, signing a contract, voucher or application, the customer establishes a legal relationship with the Elim agency, and confirms that he/she is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions and that he/she fully accepts them. A deposit or any advance payment should be settled by the customer. The customer is required to submit all personal information for the booking to be complete.

To confirm the booking, the customer is required to pay a deposit (30% – 50% of the total price) depending on the accommodation unit and lenght of stay.

The Elim agency reserves the right to charge the full amount before the guests arrival.
If payment is not received before the stipulated time, the reservation will be considered a cancellation and Elim agency is free to offer accommodation to another client. When the deposit /advance payment is made, Elim agency will send a reservation confirmation (voucher) to the customer .

Advance payment can be made as follows :

• Cash payment , in the Elim agency , Andronella 12a , 52210 Rovinj

• Bank transfer to our account; To make payment to our account, the following information is required: Name and Surname / holder of the reservation with home address
Recipient : SWIFT :
The Guest must send the receipt for confirmation of payment to the Elim agency by fax or e-mail otherwise the Elim agency is not required to make a reservation and will not be responsible for outstanding reservation.

• Payments to our bank account. To make payment to our account, following information is needed: Name and Surname / holder of the reservation with home address

In the case of a stay shorter than originally booked, the total cost of accommodation for the entire booking will be charged.


6. Elim’s right to change or cancel booking

The Elim agency may propose changes to the reserved accommodation or cancel the accommodation in part or in full, if before or during the dates of your booking there are unforseen circumstances, Elim agency is able to offer the client an alternative solution. Changes to the reservation can only be done with the permission of the customer. The alternative accommodation must be the same or of a higher quality than the one reserved.
The Elim agency is obliged to notify the customer about any changes to the reservation or any cancellation before their arrival upon the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances. If the Elim agency is unable to find alternative accommodation, any deposits/advance payments will be fully refunded to the customer.


7. Customers right to change or cancel booking

If the customer wishes to change or cancel a reservation, he must do so in writing. If you need to make changes to the number of guests or the date of stay it must be no later than 50 days before arrival. If the reservation is fully cancelled, the following cancellation policy will be applied:

Changes to accommodation or any other change within 50 days of the arrival date or during use is considered a cancellation.
In case of cancellation of the reservation, date of receipt of the written cancellation is used to calculate cancellation costs as follows :

If the guests are unable to come due to a severe situation (car accident, death in the family etc.) we do not return the reservation payment (30% of the payment for the stay) but give the possibility for the guests to use this reservation payment for the same apartment, within a year from the arrival date of the reserved apartment, if the same amount of nights would be booked as in the cancelled reservation.

– If the guests are unable to come due to other reasons (holiday cancelled due to work problems, weather forecast, etc.), we do not return the reservation payment but give the possibility for the guests to use this reservation payment for the same apartment, within 1 month from the arrival date of the reserved apartment, if the same amount of nights would be booked as in the cancelled reservation.

– The rest of the payment of 70% of the stay is not obligatory to pay if the booking is cancelled up to 1 week before arrival. If the cancellation is done withing the week before arrival or on the arrival day, the guests have to pay additionaly 20% of the stay

– If the customer does not arrive by midnight on the day of service, without contacting the Elim agency or the host, the reservation will be canceled and cancellation fees will be charged as described above. Should the actual costs exceed the above stated costs, Elim agency reserves the right to charge actual costs.
Elim agency does not reimburse customer for the cost of passports or visas in connection with reservations canceled by the customer.


8. Prices

The prices offered by the Elim agency vary from facility to facility. Prices are expressed in Euro based on the exchange rate of kuna and foreign currency. Elim agency reserves the right to change these prices, and they may differ in the case of monetary changes to 3%, depending on the course. In that case, Elim agency cannot guarantee the price agreed in advance payment and booking confirmation.

Payment shall be made to the agency, according to the official price list in Kuna certified by the relevant tourist office.
Registration is 25.00 Kuna per person.
The price includes the cost of electricity, gas, water, bed linen and towels.
The price includes the use of air condition (if irrational spending, there will be a charge of €5 per day).
If on the day their are additional people that are not mentioned on the booking, an extra bed will be charged according to the current price list.

The prices of apartments expressed on the price list are for apartment rental per day.
Every landlord reserves the right to form prices for accommodation.


9. Arrival

On the arrival, customer comes to the Elim agency or directly to the reserved accommodation. Check in time is after 2pm on the day of the reservation. Elim agency or the landlord are not obliged to accept guests before 2pm.
Upon arrival, it is necessary to submit documents of all guests to the landlord or to Elim agency for the purpose of registration.
After check in, guests will be directed to their accommodation.
For some accommodation, the guests are required to leave a deposit (to landlord or to Elim agency) of €200,00 which will be refunded on the day of departure or charged in case of damage.


10. Departure

It is necessary to leave accommodation by 10am or according to the booking, If customers have not vacated their room/apartment by 10am Elim agency reserves the right to charge for another day.

On the day of departure, the guest is obliged to allow the service provider to inspect the condition of rented accommodation, the landlord reserves the rights to withold the deposit should there be any damage to the property.


11. Customers obligation

The customer is obliged to:
– Adhere to the house rules of the accommodation unit and work with service providers in good faith.
– Upon arrival at the accommodation unit or to Elim agency, submit identification documents for registration with the authorities. Documents will be returned to the customer after no more than 24 hours.
– Bringing more people than stated on the booking or bringing unannounced pets is not allowed. In this case, the Elim agency will cancel accommodation and charge the full amount of the agreed arrangements.
– During the last day of stay, customers are obliged (if not already done so before) to settle their outstanding accounts

– On departure, the guest is obliged to allow the host to check the condition of the rented accommodation to make sure there is no damage to the property.

In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the customer is responsible for the costs incurred and corresponds to the Elim agency for damage done.


12. Complaints

Every customer – contractor has the right to file a complaint for non-contracted services. If an incomplete or unsatisfactory service was given, the customer is entitled to seek reasonable compensation by filing a written complain.

The procedure for making a complaint:
– If the guest is not satisfied with any service provided it must be reported to The Elim agency immediately. We will not accept complaines given in after the guests had left the accomodation, spending their booking there in full. The complain must be reported on the arrival day, or during the stay.
In the case that the customer is unable to make contact with the Elim agency, inadequate service should be reported to the service provider . The customer is obliged to collaborate with the Elim agency and the service provider in good faith to resolve the problem. If the customer refuses to accept the solution that corresponds with the booking, Elim agency will not accept subsequent complaints and will no longer consider it necessary to respond.

-If guests are not satisfied with the condition of our facilty, they must inform us so that we can resolve any issues or complaints accordingly. Please note we are not obliged to pay for accommodation elsewhere if not agreed upon before.

The maximum compensation per complaint cannot exceed the cost of the service, and cannot include services already provided or the entire amount. This excludes the guest’s right to compensation for non-pecuniary damage.


13. Court Jurisdiction

If the customer is not satisfied with the Elim agency, it is entitled to judicial arbitration. In such a case, the jurisdiction of the court in Rovinj is agreed on.


14. Note

Once payment has been made the customer fully accepts the program and the conditions for the accommodation in the private houses of physical persons and legal entities.