Driving toward Rovinj from Rijeka or Trieste once you pass the sign "Rovinj" you will come to a roundabout. Here you go straight. You will drive past "Eurotrade" and the petrol station on your left. After the petrol station you will come to the second roundabout where you go straight again. Drive straight ahead passing the third and fourth roundabout. When you get to the fifth roundabout you will see a barrier. On your left you will see a cafe bar called E & G Club and FINA. This is the closest you can get to the town center by car. Turn right into the parking lot. Once you have parked your car, you have to proceed on foot (see the photo).

Continue straight ahead following the coastal road. After about 100 meters, you will pass by the Restaurant Graciano on the right side (see the photo).

Continue straight ahead (you will pass by the Restaurant Galeb on the left side) until you get to the roundabout which has a big tree in the middle of it (see the photo).


From the roundabout keep going right passing by a children playground on the right and coming in front of the OPEN MARKET.

From the Open Market go left following the main road passing by the souvenir shop and clothes shop the right side (see the photo),  and continue around the corner of the building.

Right after the clothes shop, turn right and go up the cobbled street for about 30 meters.

At the end of the street turn right.

You are now on the intersection of a few streets.
On the left side is a Cafe Batel and on the right side you have 3 streets. Go up the first one on the left if you are looking from Batel.
(see the photo)

At the corner, at your left side you will see ELIM AGENCY sign, continue a bit more straight. When you come to the sign turn right and go straight ahead.

Go up this street and turn left.
First doors on the left side are from the ELIM AGENCY.

If you can't find our agency or got lost, please call us on the phone numbers given to you.